Plaster repairs and plaster maintenance

When it comes to plaster repairs and maintenance, only experience and workmanship guarantee results. Our craftsmen take pride in returning your plasterwork to as-new quality and keeping it there.

We are effective, efficient and cost-effective. All this, plus our work is guaranteed.

Plaster repair

No matter what the trade, the success of any repair job comes down to workmanship. Because the field of plastering has developed a lot over the past few decades, we always stay up to date with the latest techniques.

Common types of plaster repairs

Your existing plasterwork might need repair for any number of reasons. The most common include:

  • Water damage – often from poor plumbing, roof leaks, seepage and rain being blown in through windows
  • Physical damage – often seen as gouges from moving furniture, pieces falling off from failed cement or attachments and general divots, bumps and scrapes
  • Restoration and insurance repair work – often caused by the sheer passage of time (some of our work is on plaster installed over 150 years ago) or, in insurance cases, recent sudden damage
  • Vermicular repairs and crack repairs – plaster is very hard but it has very little flexibility, this means when its substrate – such as a wall – shifts even slightly, it can develop unsightly cracks, and there is no reason to put up with it

Plaster maintenance

Prevention is always better than repair. So, whether you’re a homeowner, body corporate or commercial premises manager, rely on Plasterfix Australia to keep your plaster looking its best.

We are available for one-off jobs and for regular maintenance of walls, ceilings and all other types of plaster surfaces and products.

With a PlasterFix Australia repair you will bring your plaster back to its best. With our maintenance work, you will keep it there. Guaranteed. Call for more information.